In our offer you will find courses at the following levels     

  • beginner

This course is aimed at people who have never learned German. Person entering this course does not understand and can not use basic expressions and expressions related to everyday life. He can not introduce himself and others and form simple questions about private life, such as where he lives, people he knows and things he owns. He can not talk easily. This course is based on the Tangram actuell 1.     

  • Post-Primary

A person who speaks at this level understands speech and frequently used expressions related to everyday life (eg basic information about the person and his family, shopping, the environment, work). He is able to communicate in simple, routine communication situations, requiring only a simple, direct exchange of information on familiar and typical topics. He can easily describe his background, his surroundings, and address issues related to the most important needs of everyday life. The course is based on the Tangram actuell 2.      

  • intermediate

A person who speaks at this level understands the key points of the message in clear, standard expressions that relate to known issues and events typical of work, school, leisure, etc. He knows the basic grammar issues and is able to deal with most communication situations. He can create simple, grammatically correct  statements on topics that are familiar or interesting to him. He can describe experiences, events, dreams, hopes and aspirations, briefly justifying or explaining his opinions and plans. The course is based on the Tangram actuell 3. 

Each course is divided into 2 modules.

Each module includes 11 meetings every 2 hours, once a week.       

In our offer we also offer courses for couples and individual lessons.